Business objectives:

Convince all students—not just art or history students—that visiting museums and galleries can help them step out of

their daily lives and get a new perspective on the world. For some, it might be about inspiration. For others, museums and galleries can offer a chance to relax and reset, or a fresh place to socialise.

The MINDMAP_CHALLENGE is our idea to promote ArtFund_ in a unique yet engaging way for our audience.

The labyrinth serves a purpose in today’s society as a place of contemplation (used by many churches, parks etc.), walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, thus promoting mindfulness.

Our campaign focuses on a way for students to first detach, then get involved in the cultural events held in the museums/galleries.

Going on a journey through different museums would give them the opportunity to discover themselves.

Client / 

YCN Brief - ArtFund

Role / 

Art Director/Creative

Year / 


Collaborators / 

Alex Nimirceag (Senior Strategist & Planner)

Chloe Jensen Duhamel (Social Media Exec.)

Nabiha Ahmed (PR Account Exec.)

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